Aimee Theresa Photographer – Newborn Session Preparation For Baby


IMG_1720-EditBefore the shoot, please feed baby 2-3 hours prior and plan on feeding him/her as soon as you arrive.  Also, please do your best by keeping baby awake by giving her a bath, letting her kick with only a diaper on, tickle toes, and even let her fuss a little. This truly helps with getting those curled up poses and a sleepy baby throughout your session.

I can’t express it enough that it is so important to do your best in keeping your precious one awake.

It will be about 80° so I suggest to all my clients to come dressed in layers.

Sessions last about 3 hours, sometimes longer if your baby is a light sleeper or hungry often.

If you can please bring a “soothie” type pacifier that will be helpful. I am specific with this type of pacifier because it doesn’t leave marks.  If you don’t want to use one that’s okay, I just ask for the two hours that I am posing him/her usually really helps to keep them relaxed and sleepy.





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