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As a young girl, I followed my father around with a camera. He had a love for landscape photography and I shadowed his footsteps seeing the magic and the beauty in the high mountain peaks, rolling hills, to waterfalls, rivers and high mountain lakes. I learned to listen to the tranquil beauty of nature and the silent synergy of the countryside around us. My dad was my inspiration who taught me the true meaning of photography, to capture a moment in time, a moment so precious that only occurs once.

After I married I discovered another true love for the art of portraiture; capturing those special moments of love and laughter. When my sweet baby boy was born my career for maternity and new life photography was also born, which was influenced by a special photographer who I met along my journey of new motherhood. We exchanged blessings with each other and she quickly became my mentor and friend who guided me into the path of my true mission in life. I soon recognized my passion lies within the glow and beauty of pregnant women and the bundle of joy they created. There is nothing like capturing the sweetness of a sleeping baby, resting in a perfect pose. These photos are works of art that will be treasured for years. With my training and background and my passion for new life photography I am honored you have welcomed me into your world. I am excited to learn your story. Aimee.

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About Me

About Me